Perimenopause is a period of years before full menopause when periods start to get a bit irregular and other strange and new things start happening, thanks to fluctuations in hormone levels.

Women may experience hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations, heavy period flow – this time of life is hallmarked, women say, by discomfort and frustrating unpredictability.

signs of change

Many women may not realize they’re in perimenopause, or even if they do, they may treat the signs separately: this medication for  headaches, that remedy for hot flashes, giving up this or that food to manage joint pain, ditching coffee and wine in hope of a decent night’s sleep.

One way many women manage the signs of perimenopause is through low-dose hormonal birth control. By evening out estrogen levels, birth control can help women manage many perimenopause signs all at once.

weighing pros and cons

While birth control can be an effective way to lessen the impact of perimenopause, it’s not without risks: blood clots, migraines, possibly an increased risk of breast cancer. It’s important to work with a doctor to understand the possible costs versus the benefits to your health.

For more information, check out this recently published article on PRiME Women about the pros and cons of low-dose birth control.

Shannon Perry

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