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electric shock sensation menopause

Electric shock sensation or ESS can feel like a rubber band snapping against part of your body or a zing of electricity shooting through you. Generally “harmless” and short-lived, ESS can nonetheless be pretty unpleasant.

menopause cataracts

Cloudy, blurred, yellowed vision with sensitivity to glare could be cataracts. After menopause, women are more vulnerable to developing cataracts. Here’s help to see your options … clearly.

dry eye disease menopause

Got itchy eyes, burning eyes, blurred vision, bad night vision, and sensitivity to light? You may have Dry Eye Disease, which is common in menopausal women. Learn more.

heart palpitations menopause

Banging, fluttering, racing, even skipping a beat – when your heart does any of these when you’re neither exercising nor suddenly realizing Benedict Cumberbatch is standing next to you, it can be very frightening. Declining levels of estrogen can cause […]

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