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nature health menopause

Did you know 20 minutes in nature can provide a mental, emotional, even physical boost to your health? If there's a park near you, make a plan right now to visit it every day – for your health.

hot flashes functional nutrition

Can orgasms and Brazil nuts help you avoid hot flashes? Possibly! Lifestyle changes and good nutrition can go a long way to reducing and relieving menopause symptoms. Learn more from functional nutritionist Nicole Negron.

self care holiday stress

Newsflash: the holidays can be stressful! Our DPTs weigh in on how to indulge in some smart self-care to reduce stress and stay healthy in the festive season.

nausea menopause

It may not be a common symptom, but for the women who experience nausea in menopause, it can be really disruptive. Find out what the possible triggers are and how to calm the upset.

exercise menopause mood

Depression, anxiety, isolation … all common in menopause, none good for your health. One of the most effective solutions may be to dust off your dancing shoes.

food stress inflammation health

Inflammation, food allergies, and food reactivity are on the rise, making optimal health harder to achieve. We wanted to know why there are so many issues with foods these days, and what people can do to feel better.

floating healing power peace

Stress reduction, better sleep, better mood, less joint pain – the gravity free, sensory free experience of floating can help heal what ails you.

5 ways self care brings back balance

Self-care is about nurturing and recharging yourself with the same kindness you provide to your loved ones. These five self-care tips can help you find balance in your life.

menopause mood swings mindfulness meditation

“Mood swings” is just the wrong term for it, isn’t it? For many women, mood shifts at menopause are less like the slow, lazy, back-and-forth of a swing and more like the chaos of being a small ship on hurricane seas. Mindfulness meditation can help calm the storms.

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