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nutrition menopause protein

How much protein do women need, and what are the best ways to get it? Nutrition Coach Michelle Cartmel gives us pointers on protein.

self care

Self-care is more necessary than ever in our increasingly stressful world. Two simple ways to start making your health a priority. Plus sleep.

build bone strength

Up to half of women over 50 will suffer a bone break due to osteoporosis. You can strengthen bones with diet and exercise, so check out these tips on how to build those bones.

gut health

While most of us worry if it’s hanging over our belts, we should really be worried about the inner health of our gut. Nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel takes us through it.

perimenopause pms

Armed with apologies, most of us survive the moods and rages of perimenopause PMS. But is there a better way? YES. Nutrition Coach Michelle Cartmel shows us how.

why you should stop eating sugar

Nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel knows breaking up is hard to do, especially when your sweetie is sugar. Michelle gives us three very convincing reasons to say goodbye.

cancer fighting foods

Studies have shown that you can fight cancer with food, particularly plant-based foods, so nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel introduces the Clean Plate Club 2.0.

healthy fats

Yes, there are good, healthy fats you need in your diet. Our nutrition coach gives us the skinny on fats.

seasonal foods health

Nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel wants you to shift your thinking around winter eating and elevate your mood with whole, seasonal foods.

4 protein pointers nutrition

As a nutrition coach, I frequently field questions from my clients who are concerned about whether or not they are getting adequate amounts of protein in their diets. While I think the concern is valid, I do believe that the […]

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