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vitamins for menopause

Do you know what nutrients are especially important for midlife women? Check out our list of ten of the most important for health and managing menopause symptoms.

mediterranean diet menopause

Is one way of eating healthier than others? If there is a "super diet," it's probably the Mediterranean Diet, which has many health benefits, particularly for women in menopause.

gut health

While most of us worry if it’s hanging over our belts, we should really be worried about the inner health of our gut. Nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel takes us through it.

why you should stop eating sugar

Nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel knows breaking up is hard to do, especially when your sweetie is sugar. Michelle gives us three very convincing reasons to say goodbye.

cancer fighting foods

Studies have shown that you can fight cancer with food, particularly plant-based foods, so nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel introduces the Clean Plate Club 2.0.

taste change menopause

Does coffee taste bland now or chocolate just isn’t as sweet? Our sense of taste can change as we get older. Find out why it happens and how to enjoy your food again.

healthy fats

Yes, there are good, healthy fats you need in your diet. Our nutrition coach gives us the skinny on fats.

food stress inflammation health

Inflammation, food allergies, and food reactivity are on the rise, making optimal health harder to achieve. We wanted to know why there are so many issues with foods these days, and what people can do to feel better.

finding food peace midlife menopause

“13% of women over 50 engage in eating disorder behaviors.” – National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Weight gain at midlife can be as distressing as it is common, leaving many women searching for ways to shed the […]

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