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safe supplements menopause

Shopping for supplements can be overwhelming — so many choices! Which ones are safe and effective? Dr. Wendy Ellis educates on why the supplement market can be tricky and how to navigate it.

mediterranean diet menopause

Is one way of eating healthier than others? If there is a "super diet," it's probably the Mediterranean Diet, which has many health benefits, particularly for women in menopause.

nausea menopause

It may not be a common symptom, but for the women who experience nausea in menopause, it can be really disruptive. Find out what the possible triggers are and how to calm the upset.

menopause bloat gas

Ironic how a menopause symptom can make you look pregnant. Learn more about what causes the dreaded Gassy Bloat and what you can do to relieve it.

carbs weight sleep

In the weight-loss world, carbs are the current “bad guy,” but is it necessary to give up carbs? Or is going carb-free actually causing weight loss to stall?

gut health

While most of us worry if it’s hanging over our belts, we should really be worried about the inner health of our gut. Nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel takes us through it.

food stress inflammation health

Inflammation, food allergies, and food reactivity are on the rise, making optimal health harder to achieve. We wanted to know why there are so many issues with foods these days, and what people can do to feel better.

menopause weight gain intermittent fasting

Many women gain 12 – 15 pounds during menopause. Can intermittent fasting help us reverse menopause weight gain and keep it off?

financial health month savvy shopping healthy minded

Sometimes it seems eating healthy has to be expensive. But for financial health month, our coach shares her tips for eating well on a budget.

10 foods bulk aisle

The bulk section can be intimidating. I’m an avid cook, and sometimes even my head starts spinning when I head down the bulk aisle! There are so many choices, so many different varieties of grains, legumes, flours, etc. For cooks who are […]

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