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exercise midlife menopause motivation

Exercising regularly is not just a matter of better scheduling or more willpower. It’s accessibility, privacy, convenience, affordability, time...hear how one woman is breaking down barriers to exercise with a unique, powerful device.

arthritis joint pain menopause aging

What’s the connection between menopause and arthritis? And how can women manage joint and arthritis pain to maintain healthy, happy, active lives?

balance falls menopause

For Falls Prevention Awareness Day, we're talking balance, strength, and incontinence. There's a link, and with the right program, you might be able to solve them all.

arthritis menopause

Is a diagnosis of arthritis a directive to stop exercising? Or an excuse? Movement may be just what painful joints need. Read more from our experts on how to manage arthritis.

get out of your way talking lifestyle coach lara dalch

Women can be awfully good at getting in their own way. We have the skills, the knowledge, the drive, we’re ready to realize our dreams … and yet. In this podcast, lifestyle coach Lara Dalch helps us identify when we’re sabotaging ourselves and gets us back on track.

5 ways self care brings back balance

Self-care is about nurturing and recharging yourself with the same kindness you provide to your loved ones. These five self-care tips can help you find balance in your life.

five supplements women menopause consider

There’s no replacement for a healthy diet. The best way to get the nutrients you need is through good food sources, including a rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts, legumes, and lean proteins, and the right amount of […]

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