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alternative medicine hot flashes

For women who can't or prefer not to use HRT for hot flashes, there are alternative and complementary therapies that have given many women real relief from the heat.

perimenopausal relief tapping

Picture this: you’re stuck in traffic, anxious and frustrated, drumming your fingers on the steering wheel. Now – what if all that tapping could actually make you feel better? Learn more.

perimenopause pms

Armed with apologies, most of us survive the moods and rages of perimenopause PMS. But is there a better way? YES. Nutrition Coach Michelle Cartmel shows us how.

fascia chinese medicine

Fascia surrounds, wraps, and connects our internal parts like a giant sandwich bag. So if it’s hurting, you’re hurting. Chinese medicine treatments help. Find out more from our interview with acupuncturist Jennifer Mason.

frozen shoulder menopause symptom

Frozen shoulder is seen most often in women from 40 to 65. It’s painful and debilitating, but it can be managed with the right treatment. Find out how.

yin yang you how chinese medicine can help balance a menopause body

Chinese medicine can help you bring your menopause body and spirit back into balance. Hear genneve’s podcast with an expert on how treatment can bring relief.

symptom of the month menopause headaches

Introducing our new series: symptom of the month (SOTM). While this may sound like a lot less fun than the wine or cheese of the month clubs, hormone changes at midlife are responsible for a surprisingly creative and festive array […]

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